Bronx Dental Bridges

An effective method to hide tooth loss

Dental bridges can cover gaps from missing teeth

Tooth loss is a difficult change to experience, especially as you get older and you lose your full, confident smile. The average adult has at least three decaying or missing teeth. If you’re missing more than one of your own adult teeth, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about but it is something that should be addressed.

Fortunately, modern dental technology makes it easy to replace these missing teeth and restore your mouth. Your Bronx Dentist has served Bronx, New York for more than 30 years, helping patients of all ages rehabilitate their smiles with tools like dental bridges.

Multiple Tooth Dental Bridge

What are dental bridges?

Our experienced dentists will evaluate your mouth to determine which type of dental bridge can best replace your missing teeth.

Traditional bridges are the most popular because they are simple. In a traditional bridge, a fake tooth is held in place by crowns that are cemented onto the adjacent teeth. As long as you have strong natural teeth on both sides of the gap left by your missing tooth, this method can make your smile whole again.

Implant-supported bridges may be used as alternatives to traditional bridges. If the adjacent teeth to your missing tooth are in poor condition or if you have multiple teeth missing in a row, an implant supported bridge might be best to fill this space. Rather than being supported by crowns, implant-supported bridges are secured by a titanium implant in the gum tissue. This type of solution creates natural, healthy results with a firm, sturdy bridge.

Implant Dental Bridge

Why would you need a bridge?

Our team at Your Bronx Dentist serves patients seeking bridges for a number of reasons. You may consider bridges yourself if you want to prevent tooth loss problems and enjoy the following benefits:

Chew without trouble

Smile with confidence

Restore your natural speech and pronunciation

Prevent other teeth from moving or shifting

What else should you know about bridges?

A simple and straight-forward solution

Bridges offer a simple and straight-forward solution for tooth loss. If you maintain healthy dental habits like brushing, flossing, and rinsing around your new bridges, you can expect your tooth replacement to last anywhere from fifteen to twenty years!

With dental bridges, you can enjoy a better quality of life with the ability to talk, chew, and smile without hesitation. Contact our dental office today to learn more about dental bridges in Bronx, NY. With Your Bronx Dentist experience the quality care only found at our family private practice.

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