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In a perfect world, all teeth would stay in perfect condition forever, but in reality many endure decay or damage that require teeth to be removed from the mouth. This process is known as an extraction.

Our tooth extraction dentists are here to make your extraction procedure as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

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Dental extraction due to decay or injury

When excessive decay, infection, or injury has harmed your tooth beyond the point of repair, an extraction becomes necessary to prevent dangerous complications. Decay makes your entire body vulnerable to disease, and in severe cases only extractions can protect you from those risks.

Common symptoms that can lead to needing your tooth pulled are:

Severe tooth pain

Pain that worsens with pressure and chewing

Jaw pain or stiffness

Swollen gums around the tooth

Once your extraction is complete, a bridge, implant, or denture can help you replace your missing tooth with a natural and durable replacement. Dental implants are the gold standard in missing tooth replacement.

Wisdom teeth extraction in the Bronx

Don't wait for wisdom teeth to cause more problems

It’s also possible that you need to undergo an extraction procedure unrelated to decay. The wisdom teeth in the very back of your mouth are the last permanent teeth to arrive. For most people, wisdom teeth appear between the ages of 17 and 25 and start causing unwanted problems.

Your mouth might not have enough room for wisdom teeth, which will lead to crowded, crooked, or impacted teeth without the preventative extraction. X-rays can indicate the growing threat of wisdom teeth before they become visible to the naked eye, helping your dentist make a recommendation for wisdom tooth extraction.

If your wisdom teeth have already become impacted and are causing you pain, infection, damage to other teeth, and damage to surrounding bone, you will need our team at Your Bronx Dentist to remove your wisdom teeth immediately. This will help you prevent any further pain or complications.

What To Expect During Your Tooth Extraction

Your comfort is always a top priority, so we offer sedation and general anesthesia to make your extraction process easy and painless. When you wake up, your extracted teeth will be gone and you can begin your recovery process.

Although a tooth extraction isn’t a major surgery, it’s still important to give your body time to relax and recover. Keep yourself comfortable with ice packs, soft foods, and low-impact activities. Dr. Ebbie and Dr. Litwin will also give you their own instructions to ensure your successful recovery period.

Your oral health and satisfaction is our top priority. Contact our dental office today to schedule the extraction you need.

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