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Aliyah Alexander
Aliyah A.
Great customer service with excellent dentist and dental hygienists. Strongly recommend!
Carmen P
Carmen P
Undoubtedly the best dental-related experience I’ve ever had. The staff is friendly and professional from the moment you walk in and throughout your appointment. Dr. Boutehsaz is an excellent dentist and has taken such good care of my daughter’s teeth. I have never been a fan of the dentist. I also decided to come to Your Bronx Dental, the best choice I could have made. Dr. Boutehsaz is beyond excellent. I highly recommend Your Bronx Dental to everyone.
Francisco Animas
Francisco A.
Very happy with my new dentist place here at MyBronx Dentist. Staff from reception to technicians and the doctors are all great and wonderful people. Definitely make you feel comfortable!
I was in search of a Dentist and I happened to come across Your Bronx Dentist. Dr Boutehsaz is very caring and he will explain everything that you need to get done without cutting any corners. He is very pleasant and extremely professional and he listened to all the concerns that I had. I am very pleased with Dr Boutehsaz and his staff especially Mildred the lady at the front desk. Very caring place would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a great Dentist. I'm a first time patient and will definitely be staying at this place.
Alloy Barnes
Alloy B.
First time excellent job from the doctors to the staff around the front desk.I recommend everyone they are the best.I was well educated I feel so welcome this is my new dentist home.
Les Mari C.
Les Mari C.
I came across this place after searching and searching over the past couple days for a new dentist. I was in need of a cleaning and an exam and was trying to find a place that was not only affordable for me, but that could also squeeze me in within the same week. Well, I feel really lucky to have found this office. I called and was accommodated for an appointment on the very next day.I was very nervous for the appointment because I don’t do well with anything regarding dental; previous experiences have always been quite painful and uncomfortable for me, in addition to a traumatizing experience as a child. This had to be the calmest I’ve ever felt sitting in the dentist’s chair.The ladies at the reception desk were so kind, helpful, and professional. The hygienist was really caring and calming throughout my cleaning and made sure to check on me multiple times to ensure I was okay. The doctor was so great in listening to my concerns and helping me address them. He was also just as kind and caring as everyone else and truly made me feel at ease. These people must have magic hands because I have feared the dentist all my life, but today was the calmest I’ve ever been at these kind of appointments. My fear has always kept me from remaining strict and consistent with my care but I’m actually looking forward to my next visit here.
wanda Garcia
wanda G.
Amazing experience , from Mildred the care coordinator, to Euris the hygienist to the doctors, it was 5 star service through the entire visit. All of my questions were answered which I appreciate. I’ve already recommended that my family schedule visits.
One of the greatest dental practices I've ever seen. Every procedure that I have had done here was quick and painless.I used to be terrified of the dentist but not anymore!. Thank you Dr. Ebbie for restoring my smile.Will always be a repeat customer.
Gladys Flores
Gladys F.
Fist time coming to this dental office and it was a great experiment . The hygienist Maggie super kind . Front desk Mildred and Jeannette super friendly and helpful and Dr. Wang so kind .Super nice and friendly staff .
Tamara Dean
Tamara D.
Staff is always nice. Great experience always.
brenda cordero
brenda C.
I always enjoy coming to this Dental office. The Staff is very friendly and caring. They have taken good care of my teeth and the hygienist provides the best cleaning. I always come out with bright smile.
jim donlin
jim D.
Good first visit!
Pearl Webster
Pearl W.
This dentist is the best! The doctors and front desk are very friendly. Even if you are scared of the dentist, the staff takes very good care of you. One thing I love is the front desk remembers your name, which is amazing because they see many people daily!! The sign up process is very easy if you are a new patient and everything is well organized. Check them out if you are looking for a new dentist or need a new experience. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!
Subrata Paul
Subrata P.
We really appreciate Dr. Ebbie and his team. They are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and always tries to make our visit comfortable. The office is modern and clean . My kids are not scared of going for dental checkups and enjoys their company. I still can remember my first visit and how Dr. Ebbie listened to my problems and carefully took care of me over the years. Not to forget the special care and amazing service we get from Mel & Janette from front office.Thank you for such a wonderful experience so far !!!
Gerson Ortiz
Gerson O.
Highly recommended staff is very professional, courteous and friendly. Felt comfortable and most importantly to me the wait time was fast.
Samuel B Mensah
Samuel B M.
Amazing people, workers were courteous and empathetic . They were very gentle with my teeth I’m glad I made an appointment with them.Parking was also free of charge you’ll love it.
Theresa Dobson
Theresa D.
Great staff, and great overall pleasant experience
Sylvester Wright
Sylvester W.
I feel the staff at the dental office was very pleasant and inviting. I also liked the fact that they knew my wife who also spoke highly of the dental office. Thank you
Chris Bla
Chris B.
Dental hygienist was great!!! Doctor was awesome. Great customer service. love it. Will go back again. It was in and out.
Very little wait, friendly and clean.
Hadija Sallah
Hadija S.
I appreciate honesty especially when it comes to other people's health. These place have it all. I went there for consultation to get my braces started but Dr Ab told me all the possible risks that might me involve and that is not worth the risk, the dental hygienist Euris Hidalgo gave me the best cleaning of my life, never had that before. Just found my new dental place. Going back again again.
Kelvin Angeles
Kelvin A.
Everyone was super kind and professional! Staff is knowledgeable and personable. I look forward to going back.
Nicole Cadlett
Nicole C.
Your Bronx Dentist is great. Staff is professional and they do good work.
Crystal Noriega
Crystal N.
Great pleasant staff
Let me tell ..this is one spot I love going to.The women at the front desk are super nice and I love this place .I feel really comfortable coming here and if your new you get present on your first visit
FijiSlitherin_ “Fiji” ØG
FijiSlitherin_ “Fiji” Ø.
I have been coming to what I now call, “My bronx dentist,” for about two years now. Since the beginning, the insurance process was effortless and smooth, even without, the communication they have here regarding payment is top tier. I have done multiple fillings here, I’ve been given top notch recommendations for root canals elsewhere, to finish the process at my dentist here. Even the scariest of operations here, they made me feel safe, reassured me, and answered any questions I had. They explain every process and give sensible advice as trained professionals would. As I write this, I just received another filling for a newly discovered developing cavity. Thanks guys and keep being great!
Stephen T Collier
Stephen T C.
I highly recommend Your Bronx Dentist. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and professional.
Vee Maldonado-Abreu
Vee M.
It’s close to my job. They are very nice and helpful. And work around my schedule.
Stephanie Cade
Stephanie C.
I was having some tooth pain and needed to find a new dentist quickly. Last week was my first time at this dental office, and it was a great experience! I get really anxious going to dentist, but the staff from the receptionist to dental staff made me feel so comfortable. They also got to know me as person, which made me relax during appointment. I’m glad to find a great dentist in the area.
Krystal Rivera
Krystal R.
I have never been a fan of dentist based on several bad experiences. I've always felt semi - dismissed and previous placing never really took the time to explain things to me. Today was my first time going into this dental office and I enjoyed it very much. From the moment I checked in, the young lady at the front desk was super sweet. The young lady who took my x-rays was also very sweet and patient with me. The hygienist, Edith, made me feel very comfortable and was straight forward with next steps as well as possible options. She made sure I was ok. She was chatting with me during my cleaning which helped so much with my anxiety. Thank God for her because I was really dreading the experience prior to. I loved that no one there sugar coated anything but was encouraging at the same time. I would totally recommend this place to everyone. They took their time and genuinely put my comfort first. I'm looking forward to actually having a consistent place to go to follow up with my dental care.Thank you!!!!!
Clarence Diggs
Clarence D.
It was amazing great and very professional nice experience
E Greenberg
E G.
I had one dentist my entire life. He was so old school he wouldn’t even use gloves but he was amazing. He retired in his 80’s and I was left on my own with nowhere to go. I tired a few places and just could not find a fit until I was welcomed here. I now feel I have found my forever home. Thanks so much. I feel good.
Jack Brecher
Jack B.
I had a very good experience here! I switched over from another dentist because I was looking for someone that would actually know my name. I am so happy to say that the first visit was very comforting and the Dr. was personable and professional.I Highly Recommend!
pauline henry
pauline H.
They were very friendly and attentive
Jeissell Colmenares
Jeissell C.
Great experience, Edith was my hygienist, and she was super kind and friendly and made my cleaning flawlessly!First time coming to this dentist and will keep coming. Everybody was nice and polite and it is a clean place.I do recommend it !
Tyrone Farquharson
Tyrone F.
A great team of professionals. I have no have no regrets walking in and scheduling an appointment almost 4years ago. Thanks for always looking out for my dental needs. Number 1 in the Bronx. " visit them and get your smile on"
Maureen Edwards
Maureen E.
The best dentist in the Bronx for sure! They made you feel so welcome and so important like you're family. You go in and come out with a million dollar smile without the million dollar payment. Need I say more???
Rosmary Martinez
Rosmary M.
Great service everyone from the time you walk in they are so professional and welcoming and really appreciate you. I have never been to a place that was so nice it just makes you feel so good you found this dentist.
john rodriguez
john R.
Great staff polite knowledgeable and helpful.
sandra alvarez
sandra A.
Best experience EVER, it was very clean the staff were extremely polite. The guy who did my cleaning he is AWSOMEEE! Deiry if that’s how u spell it. Definitely going back❤️
Yabielis Guerrero
Yabielis G.
Best dentist experience I have ever had in the Bronx. Friendly and professional staff. Clean facility and organized environment with appointment reminders, etc
Barbara Livingston
Barbara L.
I really had a great experience with this office. From the receptionist to the dental hygienist, to Dr. Ebbie. I had a great exsperince. They explained everything. I would recommend this dentist to all.
Claribel Valerio
Claribel V.
I am very grateful with the service of this office, they always want the best and the more convenient for you. They really care about you having a beautiful smile and the caring of your teeth. Thank you Your Bronx Dentist for your services and gentle staff.
Ellie Thompson
Ellie T.
The best dental service I have ever received, the person at the front was warm and welcoming, registration was quick and easy. My dental hygienist was the best, very pleasant and professional and the cleaning service was great, I would strongly recommend them to anyone seeking a dentist in the area.
Catherine Dick
Catherine D.
I like the environment at this place.They are very courteous and attentive to your needs. The. Place is very clean.I would recommend anyone this place..I feel very comfortable with the work that was done on my mouth.
Nelson Alvarez
Nelson A.
Excellent service. The staff is very kind and professional. A friend recommended me and it was really worth it.
Great staff they actually explained everything to me and were very kind in the process of answering all my questions! I appreciate a dentist who is honest and actually looking out for the patients! Very happy I found them!
moshe rosenbaum
moshe R.
My experience by Dr Ebbie was top notch. His team was very nice & professional while scheduling my appointment. Dr Ebbi is honest I trust his opinion. I will definitely be coming back.
Sharon Morales
Sharon M.
I love you Dr Ebbie lol from Sharon 505
Jean Townes-Ortiz
Jean T.
Good Day,What an amazing experience I had at this dental office on Friday the 23rd of 2020!! I must say I am terrified of the dentist. I have not been to a dentist in years. I want to 1st thank the girls at the front desk Jeanette and Mildred very professional and polite just the way it should be!!! Outstanding customer service from them God bless ladies!!!I was so nervous sweating and sick to my stomach the girls at the front desk said to me do not worry you will be fine. So as I wait to be called in my hygienist Mrs.Edith God bless her life. I prayed for her God is so good. Edith explained EVERYTHING to me like if I was one of her babies. I loved it by the way. Long story short lol, Edith was so gental and loving I had no other choice but to relax and calm my self down. It was hard because of my dentist phobia!!! Edith was and is so gentle so thankful for her. I must say I just knew I would have to have the gas sedation, Edith was so amazing excuse is amazing that gas was never needed. Edith said let's try if it is to much for you we will gas you up my terms not hers lol. I will be returning for 2 more visits as I need a deep cleaning and looking forward to it yikes!!! Only because it will be with Edith what a gem!!! Edith kept on saying to me you are ok need a break and you are doing so good, you should be proud of yourself:)Now the Dr!!!Dr. Ebbing Boutehsaz was really cool. We didn't speak for long but very down to earth and told me straight facts about my oral issues. Also confirmed that I do not have a dental phobia and was doing very well. I said I do, the Dr assured me that I do not I think he is right and I know I will be a regular at this practice.Also the person who took my additional xray was pleasant also sorry I can't remember her name. Everyone was fabulous. I told everyone I know about this place and the staff. The girls are really wonderful and make you feel special. Finally receiving what I put out to the universe!!! Your bronx dentist is fantastic!!! So who ever has the pleasure of reading this trust me I am a big grown baby that refuses to walk and now I am taking baby steps like tue dr said :). So thankful for God, Google and all the staff at Your Bronx Dentist 1000 stars 🌟 great job guys see you soon!!!
Manuel Garcia
Manuel G.
The staff is very friendly and professional.
sonia brown
sonia B.
Excellent Dental staff. Excellent dental care.
shaquanna squalls
shaquanna S.
Doctor Dentist Ebbie Boutehsaz and Dental Assistant Julissa and Hygienist Euris and Receptionists Mildred and Jeanette Have Been Wonderful and Very Accommodating to my Needs I was very Afraid of the Dentist so much that I prolonged getting my fixed now Im facing my fears and getting my teeth done I would Highly Recommend this place if you need a GREAT DENTIST!!!!!👍
Karolin Abreu
Karolin A.
Best experiences ever for my first time! Specially when my mother is a dentist in another country. Great and advance technology equipment. Edith was my hygienist and She explained everything to me in a very clear manner. She was also kind and friendly. All of the staff was great. I would have no qualms in recommending them to family and friends.
Kita Trinidad
Kita T.
I have never before experienced this level of care and attention at a dentist office. Dr. Ebbie Boutehsaz , is amazing and very personable. The facility is super clean, is well lit everywhere and I felt very welcomed from the moment you stepped inside. I had a broken tooth and was having a lot of discomfort. The doctor was very understanding and made it possible for me to see him the same day. Thank you for the white glove patient support.
Neville Meertens
Neville M.
Hi, I really recommend Your Bronx Dentist….they are great! They are very friendly and professional. Plus they are extremely anti pain which is the best part. Choose them as your dentist and you’ll be very happy that you did!Neville
pedro sanchez
pedro S.
Great place to go and they are so professional and clean 💥✌️
Jasmina Betances
Jasmina B.
Great service ande excellent customer service and care.
Petula Anderson
Petula A.
Excellent service from receptionist and all the dental staffs. All were pleasant and professional
A Rodriguez
A R.
Very professional and kind staff. A dental practice that provides very high quality care, services, and fair prices. A customer for life! Highly recommended!
Nancy Pena
Nancy P.
The staff was very friendly and the cleaning I recieved was excellent and doctor ebbie is a great doctor
Loraine Moxam
Loraine M.
Excellent Patient experience @ “YOUR BRONX DENTIST located @ 3310 Bainbridge ave, Bronx NY 10467. As a first time patient am so impressed with the Registration with their front desk Receptionist, Jeannette and her entire team. Also their Dental Hygienist, Gabriela and Naomi. 100 stars for the entire team including the Dental Surgeon Dr. Ebbie! Very huge, clean well establish environment. Am a satisfied patient with my care I had receive. Please don’t hesitate to choose this location for all your dental care!
Joshua Arbelo
Joshua A.
Amazing staff and service. Very clean, professional and proficient. I would recommend to everyone.
S. Swin
S. S.
Today I went in for the first time, for a second opinion. I absolutely Love the staff, my experience was friendly and welcoming! I got X-rays, a cleaning and thorough exam. After contacting the office, Mildred scheduled me an appointment for the following day, Dr. Ebbie was excellent with my 2nd opinion consult, and the oral hygienist did an amazing job with cleaning my teeth and providing me with information while he was cleaning. Such a great staff, Thank You all so much 🙂
Darryl Patterson
Darryl P.
My previous dentist retired over 2 years ago. Because of covid and procrastination I didn't act right away in looking for someone new. I picked Your Bronx Dentist because of the 5 star reviews. I was pleased with their service ,efficiency, and professionalism. I think I have a new dentist in the Bronx.
raphael ghadamian
raphael G.
I had an amazing experience at Your Bronx Dentist. The front desk greets you warmly upon arrival. The dentists and hygienists are top notch. I highly recommend people using Your Bronx Dentist as their dentist. Looking forward to my next check-up and cleaning.
Sarah Otero
Sarah O.
So grateful this practice exists! I have lots of dental phobia and I have never been treated this kindly and felt so taken care of by every technician and the dentist on the team. I couldn't recommend them more highly!
Aisha Kebbeh
Aisha K.
I had a great time during my visit. The hygienist explained everything she was doing and made sure I was comfortable during my cleaning. This is now going to be my dentist spot! I’m recommending my family come here as well. Go out and check for your self.
jennifer Ocasio
jennifer O.
I love this place! The are so nice and welcoming. They are very good with people who are scared. I recommend them 100%
This place is awesome. More practices should be like this one, and let me be clear...I HAVE NOT had major issues with my prior dentist in the past...this one was just too good not to speak on.Wait time was short as heck! Only reason I have about a 10 min wait was due to info I didn't complete prior to the appointment. They send you an email with info needed for first time patience to cut down in wait time.Ebbie, the dentist is also the owner of the practice, and he took his time to educate me on the health of my mouth in general and then on a more specific level as it relates to what was shown on the x-rays and cleaning. He was so detailed and thorough.He and his hygienist Euris educated me through examples taking time to show me Google examples of what could happen while giving me detail and specific preventive measure options from a very cost conscious perspective...SUPER PLUS!Euris gave me the best most thorough cleaning I've ever had...I mean it was AMAZINGLY thorough and informative along the way...yes informative!Ebbie also took time to speak to me about his intentions with the practice when I inquired about the name. He shared that he wanted something that personable and let patients know that it was something that they could feel was their own and that the practice catered to educating and answering questions as well as doing their job of over all oral health care.Crista and Mildred at the front desk were very nice. Mildred closed me out and informed me of my next appointments. Mildred, whom I spoke with a few times was always patient, detailed and always pleasant.I left wanting to capture all the names of staff I worked with, but missed the name of my x-ray tech who was also personable, informative, prompted me on what to expect, and overall awesome!Please check this place out. It's worth a trip no matter where you're coming the tri-state that is...I've found my new dental home.
Maria Quinones
Maria Q.
My experience at Your Bronx Dentist was excellent. The young ladies receptionists were very professional & put me at ease. Dr. Ebie spoke to me like a family member & explain to me the procedure.
darlene ulloa
darlene U.
Yesterday was my first time in more than 10yrs not seeing a Dentist, my experience with Dentist were Horrible but I must say Your Bronx Dentist isAWESOME the Staff are AMAZING veryyyyyy clean & Professional Dr Ebbie is Wonderful & very easy going he takes the time to explain EVERYTHING & also a Fantastic listener he makes SURE your comfortable , the Young Man that cleaned my teeth was gentle I wish I remembered his name because he was GREAT I now can say I finally have a Fabulous Dentist!!!
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