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Periodontal surgical procedures where the gum tissue is grafted, for various reasons, is called a gum graft or gingival graft. Gum grafting can be performed for cosmetic purposes as well as significantly benefit your oral/periodontal health. To obtain the best results for your gum graft, it is very important to choose a specialist in this area of dentistry, a periodontist. Our Bronx Periodontist, Dr. Steven Litwin, is a gum specialist and well versed in gingival grafting with tremendous success.

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Receding Gums and Periodontal Disease

Gingival Recession

A common reason patients seek out gingival grafts, is to correct the effects of gum recession from periodontal disease. Gum recession tends to start gradually but if periodontal disease is left untreated, their recession is likely to rapidly speed up. This is when irreversible damage may take place. In addition, to stop the spread of periodontal disease, our periodontist may need to trim the infected tissue, receding the gums even further. If this is done, non-diseased tissue will be grafted in its place.

Causes of Gum Recession

Periodontal disease

Agressive tooth brushing

Insufficient tooth brushing



Dangers of Receding Gums

Our gums protect the roots of our teeth. As gums continue to recede, the tooth roots become exposed. This can cause extreme tooth sensitivity. The more exposed the tooth roots are, the more prone they are to decay as well. As periodontal disease progresses, tooth loss may occur. When the bone that supports your teeth begins to deteriorate, it can no longer hold your teeth in their proper place.

Benefits of Gum Grafting

More symmetrical gum line

Reducing tooth sensitivity

Repairing "toothy smiles"

Preventing further gum recession

Stopping the spread of periodontal disease

Restoring confidence through a more youthful smile

close up healthy gums

Types of Gum Grafts

Below are the three most common types of gum grafts. However, in some situations a donor graft will/can be used. The experienced team at Your Bronx Dentist will walk you through your options before your procedure.

Connective Tissue Grafts – The most common method used for exposed roots. In the roof of your mouth, a small flap of skin is cut. Tissue from under the flap is then removed and sutured to the appropriate place to cover your exposed root(s). The flap is then stitched back up.

Free Gingival Grafts – This type is similar to connective-tissue grafts but instead of taking tissue from under the flap tissue is removed directly from the top layer of the roof of the mouth.

Pedicle Graft – In this grafting procedure, our periodontist will partially cut tissue from the gums surrounding the exposed root(s). Keeping one edge of the gum tissue attached, the rest of the tissue is stretched over/down the exposed root(s) and sutured into place. There needs to be a sufficient amount of healthy gum tissue for the periodontist to place this type of graft.

Gum Graft Procedure at Your Bronx Dentist

Gum grafting is a very common procedure with high success and patient satisfaction rate. When you are in the care of an experienced periodontist in the Bronx, like Dr. Litwin, you can rest assured you are in good hands. To further relax during the procedure, many patients opt for laughing gas. Once you are comfortable, a local anesthetic is then administered at the harvesting site and your periodontist will perform one of the gum graft techniques listed above.

We will provide you with postoperative care instructions that will include proper oral care methods, medication to use and foods that are safe to eat. Soft, cold foods for two weeks after your grafting procedure are best.

Gum Grafting Cost

Each individual will vary on the amount of work needed to restore their gums. We accept most major dental insurances and can verify your benefits prior to treatment so you know your estimated coverage. For those without dental insurance, we will determine how much work is needed and then provide you with a dental treatment plan. We also provide dental financing and free second opinions.

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