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Bride with perfect wedding day smile

3 Ways to Get Perfect Wedding Day Teeth: Bronx Cosmetic Dentist

Your wedding day is one of the most momentous and magical days of your life. The last thing you want is to look back on ...
am i at risk for oral cancer

Am I At Risk For Oral Cancer? Bronx Screening

Cancer is “the C-word”, the diagnosis that we all hope we’ll never hear. Despite this, most of us know somebody fighting cancer. Nearly 2,000,000 new ...
Root canal treatment myths

Misconceptions About Root Canals in the Bronx

When many of us hear “root canal” we think, “OUCH” that sounds painful! And if we aren’t the one needing the root canal we are ...
protect your mouth snowboarding

Bronx NY Mouthguards for Winter Sports

Football and lacrosse aren’t the only sports that require players to use mouthguards! Many of your favorite winter sports are best enjoyed with the protection ...
oral care at home blog

Bronx Family Dentistry: Oral Care in the Home

Lives are busy. And if you are raising children, life has gotten even busier. So much so, you wonder how you thought you never had ...

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